My Mission

Is to create instruments that allow the musician to create music without restriction, to create instruments that inspire the musician to create music above and beyond what they thought possible.

If I have done my job right the guitar will disappear in the hands of the player. What I mean by this is that the music will be able to flow freely without obstruction, without the musician ever having to say, "if only this guitar had a little more of this or that" or, "if only this guitar were easier to play." If the guitar gets in the way of the music, I have failed. If the player sits down and plays and loses all track of time and space and just plays music, then I have succeeded. If the tone of the instrument inspires musicians to create, then I have achieved my mission.

The Craftsman

What you are looking at is the culmination of ten years as a professional guitar maker. From my beginning education at Bryan GalloupĂ­s school of lutherie where I was introduced to the art of guitar making and seeing for the first time the potential of what a guitar can be; to my time building guitars for McPherson where I honed my attention to detail in every stage of the building process; to my time designing the acoustic line of guitars for PRS where I got to really consider every part of the guitar down to the last detail; to now where I am very pleased to launch Steve Fischer Guitars. I feel I am now building the finest instruments I have ever made, both in tone as well as the aesthetic beauty of the guitar. My hope is that my guitars will inspire musicians to make the music they have always wanted to make, and that you will enjoy playing the guitars as much as I enjoy making them.